4-Dimensional Connect-4

A connect 4 game written in javascript. The catch - it's four-dimensional.

Wait, what?

Tic-tac-toe, Noughts and crosses, or 3-in-a-row, is a game that gets very boring very quickly, since the game always leads to a draw. We can extend it to a 3x3x3 grid, but you get a game where a good first player will always win.

If we want to make the game more balanced, we just need to resize the grid to 4x4x4. We could stop there.

Or, we could add another dimension to get 4-dimensional connect 4! But how do we add that extra dimension? Let's work backwards and see how we create 3D connect-4:

  • Take a single box, and duplicate it 4 times horizontally. We now have a 1D connect-4 game (a line).
  • Now take this 1D connect-4 game, and repeat it 4 times vertically. Now it's a 2D connect-4 game (a square).
  • If we stack 4 of these 2D games on top of each other, we get a 3D connect-4 game (a cube).

Somehow, we need to take 4 3D boards, and stack them on top of each other, but in a direction perpendicular to all three directions we just used.

Ok, so how do I play?

Choose the number of players in the field and the top, and push play. To make a move, just click in the square. If you miss-click, click the square again to undo your move.

Not sure where the winning lines are? Push the button above to show them.

Want to confuse your opponents? The rotate buttons at the bottom rotate the board, fourth-dimensionally.

I still don't get it

Doc Marty! You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally!

Marty Yeah, right, I have a real problem with that.